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Easy Bible Teaching

  • Easy to Teach

    Easy to Teach


    This unique curriculum was designed with the total hour teaching method. Everything points back to the message of the lesson. In simple English, it is useable in semil-literate and with the spoken lessons illerate situations.

  • Use for Ministry

    Fits Many Ministries

    Use for Ministry

    Highly adaptable, the material is useable in: Sunday School Curriculum, Junior Church Program, Literacy Classes, Prison Ministries, Adult Bible Studies (large or small groups), Mission trips, Vacation Bible School

  • Comprehensive Teacher's Guides

    445 Lessons in 31 Series

    445 Lessons in 31 Series

    The major figures and events of the Old and New Testament are presented with additional emphasis on the life and teachings of Jesus and the Apostles. Each lesson includes everything you need to teach explained clearly and simply.

  • Illustrations

    2836 Illustrations

    Illustrations, Take Home papers, coloring pages

    Over 2800 line drawings are provided to illustrate the lesson being taught. They can be printed as needed on an inexpensive printer and colored on location if desired. Multiple uses are possible depending on the teaching situation: take home papers, coloring pages, in class illustrations etc..

  • Songs and Games

    1950 Songs 313 games

    Songs and Games

    Each lesson comes with one or more songs with a message that matches the teaching situation. The songs are set to common tunes and an audio recording is provided to make them easy to learn. Many of the lessons have custom games to interest students which also reinforce the lesson.

  • Free on digital media

    Available on DVD, USB, Micro SD

    Available on DVD, USB, Micro SD

    All of this material has been converted to digital and is being provided free of charge in multiple formats. Micro SD cards are excellent for international distribution since they can be sent in a standard letter envelope and then inserted in a compatible USB drive.

The Hear-See-Do Bible curriculum represents the life’s work of Dr. Sharon Samson, a long term missionary to Africa.  It is her response to the need for simple, inexpensive, yet complete materials for teaching the Bible in children’s ministry in the third world. The result however has demonstrated a far broader spectrum of uses from mission trip material, to prison ministries. This entire curriculum is now being offered completely FREE as a ministry of Easy Bible Teaching.  Come inside our site and learn more.